Telephone and Video counselling – how it works.

Video counselling

I prefer to use Zoom for my video counselling sessions.  Zoom offers private video calling to its users and it is considered as one of the safest video calling software currently available.

You will need to download the Zoom application before using it to join a meeting.  You do not need to register for an account in order for you to join a meeting.  I will send you a meeting invite that has a link in that you can click to take you to our arranged meeting.  You may then need to enter the provided password.

If you are uncertain about using this technology, we can walk through joining a meeting on the telephone together.

Using video for counselling gives the face-to-face element of counselling but from the comfort of your chosen, private space.

Telephone counselling.

Telephone counselling removes the face-to-face aspect of video counselling but experience has led me to be able to hear the non-verbal aspects of what you are communicating.  I have found that it allows a greater opportunity for you to focus on yourself, as I am not physically in the space with you.  You do not need to consider my physical presence and this allows you to concentrate more on your own experiencing.  You can find your own private and comfortable space for your sessions.  I do ask that you ensure that you cannot be overheard for your own privacy.

When working with both video and telephone counselling I wear a headset and work from a private room in my home in Stourbridge.  This ensures that no one else can hear what you are saying.  My devices are password protected and I do not store mobile numbers in my contacts on my mobile phone.

There are benefits to online and telephone counselling.

Sessions are in your own space and at a time that suits you where possible.

You are not seen entering the counselling practice.

You are free to choose the technology you prefer, telephone or video.

I have greater availability for online and telephone sessions so may be able to start work with you sooner.

There is no travel to and from sessions.

Things to consider

Are you comfortable with technology?

Do you prefer the physical face-to-face way of working?

Can you find a private space where you will not be overheard?

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